1. Our software takes a snapshot of your data and encrypts it.

2. Your encrypted data is then compressed before being sent to our UK data centres over a secure connection.

3. Automatic scheduling means that backup happens with no human intervention required – and advanced scheduling options allow you to backup multiple times a day, and you can even set different data to back up at different times.

Open files on Windows servers are backed up – so you can run our service during the day even when files are in use.

Backups are completed quickly because only changed data is uploaded – so backups are smaller and take up less bandwidth. This means you can protect your servers even if your internet connection speed is not as fast as you’d like.

Your data is encrypted before it is sent to our data centres so your data is secured before it ever leaves your premises.You choose an encryption key when you install our software, and your data backup is encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption.

An SSL connection is then used to send your encrypted data to two data centres in the UK. This means that your backups are useable only by you – nobody else, not even us, can see what data you have protected, making it completely confidential and safe.