Benefits at a glance

  • Easy to backup – you can be running your first cloud backup within minutes of downloading our software.
  • Easy to restore – a simple three step process is all you need to retrieve your data, from a single file to your entire backup set.
  • Highly secure – Military grade encryption ensures your data stays confidential.
  • Automatic offsite backups – scheduling means once your backup is set up, you can relax knowing that your data is being protected automatically.
  • Open file support – on Windows servers even opened files are backed up.
  • Long file retention – our cloud backup retains up to 60 days of file version history
  • UK data centres – both our data centres are located in the UK, housed in IBM business continuity buildings
  • UK support – our support team are all in the UK and can help you with setting up your backup


Advanced backup options

Dynamic and manual data selection
Once-off daily and advanced backup schedules
Pre-backup compression/patching
Backup throttle
Snapshot backups and restores
Command-line interface (CLI) control
Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) support (open file backups)*
Multiple Backup Sets (including separate data selections and schedules)
NTFS Change Journal support*
Delta Blocking**
* Only available in Windows versions ** Excluding Mac SE versions

Restore options

Full backup set or selective data recovery
File search — available locally and remotely
Alternative destination restore
Recreate directory structure
Overwrite files
File and folder permission restore
Faster target location restores

Storage, speed and bandwidth optimisation

Source and target-based data de-duplication
Data compression (in transit and storage)
Backup resumes
Run backups in background*
* Only available for Windows 7, Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems

Other features

Automatic Backup Client upgrades
Remote Management available
Retries and timeouts
SSL protocol encrypted network communications
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Backup Client and Web Access user authentication
Integrity Checks (Stored data validations)
Web Client interface with briefcase and email options